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Seeking content beta for original slash, original het, and original gen

It's been a while since I sought beta readers, and the manuscripts have piled up. These stories are all completed originalfic that I plan to post at AO3 and self-publish simultaneously. If you're interested, could you please email me so that I can email you back the manuscript(s)?

These are all angsty stories, though I keep violence off-screen as much as possible, and the emphasis is on romance, friendship, and family affection. Boilerplate warning for all my stories. I've provided more specific warnings below, but do let me know of topics you wish to avoid, in case I missed mentioning your particular dislike.

I'm not seeking beta readers for grammar, style, punctuation, etc. (though you're welcome to point out typos). What I'm seeking are beta readers for content issues, especially continuity - that is, making sure that names/dates/facts/etc. don't suddenly warp into something different partway through a story or a series. (The classic example I mention in my website is me giving a character blue eyes in scene one and green eyes in scene two.) That sort of problem is darned hard for me to catch. I once had to pull a story from its submission rounds because I belatedly realized I'd put a character in it who had been dead for three centuries by the time the story began.

Here are my current manuscripts:

Title: "The Awakening" (Dungeon Guards)

Rating & warnings & notes: M/M and M/M/M romantic suspense. 19th-century AU. Prison setting for the first half of the story. Asexual protagonist. Abuse recovery. Rated PG-13 for violence, mainly from Mother Nature, but there are a few guns as well.

Wordage: 81,000 words.

Story summary:

Barrett Boyd has awakened from death to a new and baffling life. He knows that he is a guard in the queendom's royal prison, the Eternal Dungeon. But why do the prisoners matters so much to him? Who are these other guards who appear to have claims over him? And how will he survive while he finds his new place in this world?

Title: "Initiation" (Life Prison: Hell's Messenger #3)

Rating & warnings & notes: Friendship fiction with M/M and M/M/M subplots. 19th-century AU. POC protagonist. Hurt/comfort. Prisonfic. Rated R. Master/servant relationships. Consensual D/s (to put it in modern terms). Prison violence, including rapes (nongraphic or offscreen). The hurt factor is high in this story - this prison is a dystopia - but so is the comfort factor.

Wordage: 44,000 words, unless you want to glance at the two previous stories in the volume for continuity reasons, in which case it's 119,000 words.

Story summary:

Companionship comes with a price.

Newly arrived at Compassion Life Prison, Tyrrell is impressed and moved by the network of fellowship, protection, service, and love that the prisoners have developed in order to endure conditions in the Magisterial Republic of Mip's most notorious prison.

At the same time, Tyrrell experiences a growing sense of dread as he realizes how powerless he and the other prisoners are against the injuries and deaths inflicted upon them by their guards. The prison's inhabitants struggle to keep alive as their food and water dwindles, while prisoners who share love are torn apart from each other. The prisoners' only hope for survival, it seems, is their enigmatic Keeper, who had told Tyrrell that he wishes to help the prisoners.

Not until his initiation into the prisoners' "tribe" will Tyrrell realize how truly powerless he has become. And then he will face a choice: whether to seize a power he has not yet dared grasp.

Title: "Breached Boundaries" (The Three Lands)

Rating & warnings & notes: F/M romantic suspense and friendship fiction. Fantasy. POC female protagonist. Subplots on imprisonment, slavery, and queerness. Rated PG-13 for putting my heroine in far too many tight spots. Violence (mainly nongraphic). Attempted rapes (nongraphic). References to past suffering as a child. Abuse recovery. The first part of "Breached Boundaries" is online, if you want to glance at that to decide whether this is the story for you.

Wordage: 240,000 words. If you pick "Breached Boundaries," you're obviously a glutton for punishment, so I'll mention that I also have a 16,000-word sequel novelette that features some of the characters in "Breached Boundaries," in case you want to beta that too.

Story summary:

The boundaries of rank declare that Serva can be a princess or she can be a slave. But for the bastard daughter of the King of Daxis, life is not that simple.

Forced to be a tool in a battle waged by her land's unstable King and his dangerously devious heir, Serva cannot even find refuge among her fellow slaves. Instead, she secretly explores the hidden portions of the palace. In this way, she meets an imprisoned spy who is scheduled for execution.

But when a simmering war bubbles to the surface, Serva must choose where her loyalties lie. She must also solve the mystery of the spy's past, and of her own future.

Title: "Hidden Blade" (The Three Lands)

Rating & warnings & notes: Gen (father & son relationship). Fantasy. POC child protagonist. Soldier topics. Rated PG. No warnings needed.

Wordage: 27,000 words.

Story summary:

His father is a dull farmer. His mother is a dull farmer's wife. He seems destined for a similarly dull life.

But then a stranger appears in their village, and suddenly the talk is of soldiers and spies and secrets and gods. Will he be able to break free of his father's legacy and make a bold dash to a life of his own?

Title: "The Fire Before" (The Three Lands)

Rating & warnings: Gen (uncle & nephew friendship). Fantasy. POC protagonists. Plot featuring spirituality, warfare, and slaves. Rated PG. In-depth discussion of the characters' polytheistic beliefs. Nongraphic description of the suffering of slaves, including a teenage slave.

Wordage: 22,000 words.

Story summary:

Tristan is the King's heir, destined to rule the Kingdom of Koretia. His nephew Robin has taken Tristan's place as baron of their town. Now both men are about to face the worst crisis their land has ever known. And neither of them understand what the true crisis is.

As Tristan struggles to find the courage to follow his god's command, and Robin tries to find a middle ground between piety and disloyalty to his uncle, the two noblemen will be forced to confront the consequences of war . . . and the consequences of their own inaction.