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Small comment fic pieces (different fandoms)

Fandom: Teen Wolf, The Flash, iZombie, Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Allison, Stiles/Derek, Cahrlie/Neville, Liv
Rating & Warnings: Everything is G right now.
Notes: I need mostly help with SPaG and phrasing.
So there are wo comment fic fests going on. They look like tons of fun and although I've a bit of writer's block right now I think I can manage a couple of short pieces. I've written 4 by now, all of them around 200 words. They are short and sweet and hopefully won't be too much work but because I'm no native speaker I would feel better if someone could take a quick look before I post them. There's nothing worse than a short text riddled with mistakes.
I plan to write a bit more for both fests. So if a potential beta would be up to look over some more short comment fics (probably about 5-10) that would be great. Although right now I need help with the 4 short comment ficlets I already have.
I don't mind a harsh beta if it's constructive criticism.

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Saw your name pop up and wanted to help, though I know not much about TeenWolf.
But for comment ficlets it should. But then I realised: do you want a native speaker? Since I wouldn't be mich help if you do, considering the comms I know your name from ;-)
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Well, I won't catch ALL I'm sure but considering that I do also beta for my native speaker friend from the US, yes, I do believe my Englisch is up to par, typos due to mobile devices notwithstanding ;-)
But if you do find a native speaker I won't be offended if you prefer them.
No, I don't mind Slash ( whistles innocently, glances to AO3 tab, notes the tags). No, I don't mind at all ;-)
Either PM me here or please use beldaran10 at yahoo dot com.
Thank you!