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Hello! I've caught up on tags again to prepare for the new year.

Another reminder that I won't add a tag for a specific fandom until at least two different people post about that fandom on the comm. If you don't see your fandom in the tag list, you're proably looking for a catch-all tag:
  • fandom: tv shows (other)
  • fandom: movies (other)
  • fandom: books (other)
  • fandom: video games (other)
  • fandom: webcomics (other)
  • fandom: web series (other)
  • fandom: animanga series
I regularly go through the catch-all tags to see if there are any doubles that need to be moved to a tag of their own. If you want to get your own fandom tag faster, encourage your friends to use this comm too! :D

I've also added the new tag "fandom: star trek (reboot)", to try and differentiate the newer movies from the older tv series and movies. We've not yet had more than one person asking for betas in each individual star trek series, which is why they're still using the catch-all "fandom: star trek series."

If there's anything else I can do to make the comm's tag system easier to use, please let me know. Thank you for using [community profile] betaplease and happy new year! Please remember to tag your posts!
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Hi! I'm a 10 year veteran of the USAF as well as a new-minted MD. I can't really do traditional beta work like proofreading, story arc, characterization, etc due to both time limitations and excessive neuroticism. I'd be happy to explain how things might actually work in either military or medical settings, and would also be glad to help come up with macguffins in either.

I could obviously do this for any fandom, but those I'm personally familiar with include:
Due South, Harry Potter, both Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Avengers and related movies, Supernatural, all variations of Sherlock Holmes.

I've been lurking in fandom for over ten years now (longer than I've been in the service by a few) and it has just now occurred to me how I can contribute. Sorry for being so oblivious, fandom!

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Fandom: Harry Potter/Avengers
Characters/Pairings:  Albus/Draco, Phil/Clint
Rating & Warnings:  Pg-13, AU, OC, language. 
Notes: Its 880 words exactly. Its due tomorrow. 

Beta Found, thanks!

Beta here!

Jul. 8th, 2012 05:53 pm
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If anyone's looking for a beta reader, I'd be happy to help.
Fandoms: Pokemon (not including manga), various anime (but not ALL anime--ask me beforehand if you're not sure), Harry Potter, Twilight, assorted classic novels and plays (ask for clarification)

Strengths: My main strength is probably in my thoroughness--I can and will comment on anything and everything I have an opinion on, and I'm good at providing advice about what I think is the best direction to take a story. My spelling and grammar are also typically flawless so I'll be able to help with that.

Limits: I don't read anything explicitly kinky, and I'd rather not read stories that are romantic without any additional plot to them. I also don't like to read stories that depict graphic renditions of crime, abuse, rape, etc., though extreme violence in a wartime or similar setting is fine. Also, ABSOLUTELY NO RPF!

Other notes: I'd prefer not to beta read a type of story that's already been done many times before. I expect the stories I beta to have some originality to them. I'd also like people I beta read for to be making a conscious effort to improve, as opposed to just wanting an editor.


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A beta-reader, if you please!

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