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Fandom: Dragon Age.
Characters/Pairings: Sebastian, Hawke/Sebastian.
Rating & Warnings: G, with canon character death.
Notes: This is a character piece that I'm not completely confident about. I'd really like a beta who's familiar with the canon and characters. I realize this is a shot in the dark, but what the hell. I am willing to do a beta trade if someone is interested.
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Hello! I've caught up on tags again to prepare for the new year.

Another reminder that I won't add a tag for a specific fandom until at least two different people post about that fandom on the comm. If you don't see your fandom in the tag list, you're proably looking for a catch-all tag:
  • fandom: tv shows (other)
  • fandom: movies (other)
  • fandom: books (other)
  • fandom: video games (other)
  • fandom: webcomics (other)
  • fandom: web series (other)
  • fandom: animanga series
I regularly go through the catch-all tags to see if there are any doubles that need to be moved to a tag of their own. If you want to get your own fandom tag faster, encourage your friends to use this comm too! :D

I've also added the new tag "fandom: star trek (reboot)", to try and differentiate the newer movies from the older tv series and movies. We've not yet had more than one person asking for betas in each individual star trek series, which is why they're still using the catch-all "fandom: star trek series."

If there's anything else I can do to make the comm's tag system easier to use, please let me know. Thank you for using [community profile] betaplease and happy new year! Please remember to tag your posts!
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Fandom: Dragon Age II
Characters/Pairings: Aggressive M!Hawke, Carver and Bethany, Malcolm and Leandra, and a host of OCs. Main pairing is M!Hawke/Bethany but there will also be M!Hawke/OC and Carver/OC.
Rating & Warnings: Heavy R at the moment. It's an AU and there will be incest.
Notes: Fic is called Monsters and Men and it's basically casting the Hawke family as the Borgias of Thedas. It's a chapter fic and I'd like to post it as I finish it. So I would appreciate a different set of eyes to give a look over for flow and any grammar issues.
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Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins.
Characters/Pairings: Grey Warden (F!Brosca), oblique appearances by others.
Rating & Warnings: Teen? Contains violence, but no graphic anything.
Notes: Usually I'm pretty satisfied with language and style betaing, but this time I'd quite like a beta who's familiar with the canon, too. Also worth noting the the format is epistolary.


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