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Fandom: Supernatural/The Amazing Spder-Man (MCU in general)
Characters/Pairings: Peter Parker/Sam Winchester, the Avengers, Dean Winchester.
Rating & Warnings: T, I guess there's canon typical violence.
Summary: The story of Peter Parker and Sam Winchester.
Notes: I'm writing that fanfic for the WIP Big Bang, and as English isn't my mothertongue, I need a beta to check all the grammar/syntax/voc.

What you need to know:
  • This fic takes place during the s7-8 hiatus for Supernatural, and post TASM 2/pre-CA: The Winter Soldier for MCU.
  • I aged Peter up so that he's in his early twenties when Sam and him get involved (because otherwise it's pretty creepy).
  • I've written 6k so far, and I might double that in the end.
My main concern is grammar/syntax/voc, as I said but if you have any suggestions plot-wise or think my plot really not coherent or the characters are really OOC, don't hesitate to tell me.

I guess, that's it. :)
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Fandoms: Supernatural and Marvel Cinematic Universe (though for now it's Iron Man)
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Tony Stark
Rating & Warnings: T, 12 year age gap
Notes: this is a fanfic I started a year ago but haven't finished yet. I've written 12k so far.
I'd like a beta to:
  • edit my numerous mistakes (as English isn't my native language),
  • tell me if the story is logical/coherent, etc or it sucks (not so bluntly but you know what I mean).
  • (optional) tell me if the characters are OOC (as this fanfic is pre-canon for both fandoms)
I almost forgot to say: this fanfic is actually the first in a series I plan to write, sort of following SPN and MCU canon up to the last season/movie out or that I've seen.

More info under the cut )

If you're interested, you can contact me through DW or AO3


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Fandom: Supernatural 

 Sam, Dean, Crowley, gen, Sam/Crowley if you squint. 

Rating & Warnings:  Minor blood/gore warning. Suited for ages 12 and up.

I'm looking for SPAG
 as well as US/brit-picking. I'm not a native English speaker so the nuances between US/UK English are completely lost to me. Punctuation is also not my friend. 

Story is 1500 words and due Wednesday, so I know I'm cutting it close. Any help would be appreciated!

E-mail at if you would be willing to do it.  

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Hello! I've caught up on tags again to prepare for the new year.

Another reminder that I won't add a tag for a specific fandom until at least two different people post about that fandom on the comm. If you don't see your fandom in the tag list, you're proably looking for a catch-all tag:
  • fandom: tv shows (other)
  • fandom: movies (other)
  • fandom: books (other)
  • fandom: video games (other)
  • fandom: webcomics (other)
  • fandom: web series (other)
  • fandom: animanga series
I regularly go through the catch-all tags to see if there are any doubles that need to be moved to a tag of their own. If you want to get your own fandom tag faster, encourage your friends to use this comm too! :D

I've also added the new tag "fandom: star trek (reboot)", to try and differentiate the newer movies from the older tv series and movies. We've not yet had more than one person asking for betas in each individual star trek series, which is why they're still using the catch-all "fandom: star trek series."

If there's anything else I can do to make the comm's tag system easier to use, please let me know. Thank you for using [community profile] betaplease and happy new year! Please remember to tag your posts!
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Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis (crossing over with Stargate SG1 on a semi-regular basis and, on occasion, with Supernatural, Doctor Who and possibly Andromeda)

Characters/Pairings: John Sheppard/OFC, Rodney McKay/OFC(same one), eventually Rodney/Elizabeth, and lots and lots of other combinations of characters from the shows and OC

Rating & Warnings: Probably an R eventually, much milder at the moment, though. As the romance part of the fic gets more interesting, there will be some sex, for now, all you have to worry about is the fighting and unconvincing medical problems. There's a rather unbalanced amount of drama and crack in this fic.

Notes: This story is a collaboration between myself and a friend whom I shall refer to as the slave-driving, grammar Nazi Dominatrix (SDGND for short). English is not my first language and neither is it SDGND's and, accordingly, we've been accused of not sounding like native speakers - we need someone to spot the glaring inconsistencies in vocabulary.  While SDGND is obsessed with getting every single detail right, she tends to obsess over this story far more than is healthy and misses most of the small stuff (like typos) - we need someone to catch typos as well. This is a rather long story (~100.000 words so far) and we've started re-writing it (blame SDGND, it's more her baby than mine, I just do the writing) - we need someone to check for plot inconsistencies, if possible.

So far, we have 9 chapters written, 7 of which have been posted online, un-betad, before we started rewriting. You can go here for more details on the fic and for links on where to find what we've posted so far. Chapter one has already been edited and re-written a total of 6 times (the current version hasn't been posted yet, what you'll find online is version 4, I think).

If there are any brave (or suicidal) souls out there willing to give this a shot, you will have our eternal gratitude.


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