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Seeking beta: Witcher 3 f/f

Fandom: The Witcher 3 (the video game)
Characters/Pairings: Ciri/Astrid
Rating & Warnings: M, no warnings
Notes: This is 3.7k of post-canon f/f set after the ending in which Ciri becomes a witcher. Astrid, if you've forgotten, is the sister of Skjall, the man who helps Ciri escape the Wild Hunt on Hindarsfjall and is later shunned by the people of the village because they think he was running away. In this part of the game, Astrid takes Ciri to the sauna and at one point says that Skjall has a crush on her, and asks if she returns Skjall's feelings; the player has the option to have Ciri respond, "To be honest, I prefer women." This story is based on that bit.

I am confident of my SPAG but need someone to catch typos, thinkos, places where I accidentally a word out or use the same phrase multiple times. I also want general impressions of how it works as a story, and how it fits with canon. I would really prefer someone familiar with the game, and it would be amazing if you've also read the books (I haven't).