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Beta Request for Sherlock WIP

Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters/Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Harriet Watson/Clara Lausier, Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, James Moriarty, Sebastian Moran, Sally Donovan/Philip Anderson, Harriet Watson/Other,
Rating & Warnings: PG13-NC17, AU, Graphic Depictions of Sex, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Aftermath of Violence,Threats of Violence,  Non-Graphic Rape/Non-con, Children in Peril, Period Typical Racism, Period Typical Homophobia, Period Typical Prejudice, Other Unlisted Tags (spoilers)

Notes: This story is based in 19th Century America just before the Civil War. All characters remain English and Irish apart from Clara and Mary Morstan (neither American nor British).

The Plot:

    In 1859, Sherlock Holmes is sent to America to deal with James Moriarty, who is trying to gather support in the form of guns and money for the Irish rebellion. While in Boston, Sherlock meets one John Watson, who has moved to America not only to escape the memory of his late wife, but to recover from the injuries he sustained in India.

    In an atmosphere brimming with politics and the threat of war, can Sherlock and John become a force unstoppable only by the most crafty of men? Have they met their match in James Moriarty and Sebastian Moran? Most of all, can they protect their friends and family from the fallout of stirring the hornet's nest?

What I'm looking for: I am really, really, really desperate to find someone who can catch all the dumb stuff that I keep missing. I'm not so worried about SPaG as I am OOC-ness and continuity.  And speaking of spelling, I was an English Major in college, and ended up spending a decade in the UK, using a UK keyboard, so I don't use spellcheck. Which is to say, my spelling is frequently right..it's just that I'm not necessarily sure in which country it's right... Having said that, if I'm writing from the perspective of a character whose education has been based on the British system, I use British spelling.
Preferably You: can see the trees for the forest and vice versa. You need know nothing about 19th Century America beyond the fact that the Civil War pitted brother against brother and was about Slavery. If you do know anything about 19th Century America and can tell me what I'm missing//ignoring/don't know Jack about, that would be grand, too.

Other: 86k of this WIP has already been published as The Shadows; Where Softly Steps the Light, and I have around 100k written that's yet to come -and I'm still not done. The Shadows is split into two halves, the main timeline (A Lamp Amid the Darkness) and the backstory (A Dark Lamp) that doesn't fit into the main timeline. I do have an overall plot, but I still have so much research to do, as well as other writing projects, that it's taking me a long time to get everything set up the way I want, because foreshadowing and Getting Things Right. I started this fic not knowing that it was going to turn into a huge monster, so the first chapter is a little...flippant, a little light. I'm not asking you to beta the entire thing, just one of the next three chapters, which are currently 18k, 15k, and 23k.

If you fancy reading, please respond to this post or send me a dm. cheers!

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