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Hi! I'd really appreciate help with this one (long) fic:

Fandom: Marvel Comics (especially the Hawkeye and the Captain Marvel comics)
Characters/Pairings: mostly focused on Clint Barton/Carol Danvers, Clint/Natasha, and Clint/Natasha/Bucky Barnes; also Kate Bishop, Barney Barton, and Lucky.
Rating & Warnings: Adult; explicit sex, canon-typical action scenes and violence, some edgeplay and BDSM.
Notes: This is the longest fic I've written in a while - it's at 30,000 words right now. I could really use some help making sure that it's coherent, interesting, and correctly spelled, haha. It's a Clint-centric supervillain AU, with a lot of poly and found family stuff. Although honestly, it’s mostly about shooting things with arrows and getting beat up.

Let me know if you think you can help in any way! I'd really really appreciate another set of eyes on this. Exhaustive canon knowledge is definitely not necessary - I'm more interested in whether this thing makes sense rather than whether you catch all my obscure references.

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Fandom: Stargate SG-1/MCU, can be read as pure MCU (Captain America) since the character that connects the story with SG-1 is an OC.
Characters/Pairings: Howard Stark/OMC
Rating & Warnings: rated R, takes place in 1951-52 and includes two OCs and some era-appropriate homophobia and misogyny. It’s mostly canon-compliant for both universes, and, therefore, the ending is not entirely happily-ever-after for the characters.
Word count: 8k so far, still a bit of a WIP
Beta type: grammar, punctuation, proper use of idioms and collocations, any other advice (on plot, style, documentary facts, anything else) is also welcome. I’m in need of some cheerleading, too, I’m a little stuck on a couple of scenes.
Notes: I have a whole series of SG-1/MCU crossover fics, this one is supposed to provide a backstory, but right now can stand alone.
This is one of my first long fics ever I especially need a beta this time. I’m going to need someone to beta the rest of the series, too, but writing it is going to take time, so right now I’m only looking for someone to read this one Howard-centric fic for me.
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Hello! I've caught up on tags again to prepare for the new year.

Another reminder that I won't add a tag for a specific fandom until at least two different people post about that fandom on the comm. If you don't see your fandom in the tag list, you're proably looking for a catch-all tag:
  • fandom: tv shows (other)
  • fandom: movies (other)
  • fandom: books (other)
  • fandom: video games (other)
  • fandom: webcomics (other)
  • fandom: web series (other)
  • fandom: animanga series
I regularly go through the catch-all tags to see if there are any doubles that need to be moved to a tag of their own. If you want to get your own fandom tag faster, encourage your friends to use this comm too! :D

I've also added the new tag "fandom: star trek (reboot)", to try and differentiate the newer movies from the older tv series and movies. We've not yet had more than one person asking for betas in each individual star trek series, which is why they're still using the catch-all "fandom: star trek series."

If there's anything else I can do to make the comm's tag system easier to use, please let me know. Thank you for using [community profile] betaplease and happy new year! Please remember to tag your posts!
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Fandom: Daredevil
Characters/Pairings: Matt and Foggy genfic
Rating & Warnings: PG-13, frank discussion of living with cancer, chemotherapy, and one non-graphic instance of vomiting.
Notes: Just over 6,000 words
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Fandom: Captain America (the new one)
Characters/Pairings: Johann Schmidt/OFC
Rating & Warnings: non-con, torture
Notes: this is not a romance fanfic, I am not even sure if porn with out plot is a an acurate label, it focuses on this unhealthy dynamic between the OFC (French Underground member) after getting on Schmidt's wrong side.
I really like to get it done by xmas. So far I am in 3000+ words. I need advice on pacing, maybe some feedback on how well I present the dynamics and grammar.

I am going to cross post this my journal with a few snippets of the story, so you can see what you are getting yourself into.
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Fandom:  Marvel comics
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers & Tony Stark, Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Danny Rand
Rating & Warnings: PG. minor character death
Notes: The fic is 6K and fandom knowledge 's not needed. I'd like SPAG and plot beta. It'll be great if I can get it back before 24th of April.


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